Goliath Betting

Goliath Bet Strategy in Sports Betting

Goliath bet is a betting accumulator strategy spreading the risk across eight events, it is used by experienced punters who want to hedge their exposure against unexpected outcomes and secure a profit.

Successful Goliath Bets are dependent on players knowledge on which games to focus and which to avoid, having a clear game plan is what makes the difference between winning and losing bettors therefore we have developed variety of betting strategies that can beat the bookie.

Goliath Bet

The idea behind the Goliath betting, is that you will have 247 different combinations of bets forming one large accumulator bet of eight games. The more combinations you get right, the higher your profit will be. The price of the Goliath Bet is calculated as follows: 10 cents bet * 247 bets = 24.70.

The betting combinations are as follows, one eight-fold accumulator bet, eight 7-fold bets, 28 combinations of 6-fold accumulators, 56 five-fold bets, 70 four-fold bets, and 56 trebles as well as 28 doubles. I am giving you an example of a mistaken goliath betting strategy, please comment what is wrong with it?

Is that a Goliath Bet strategy? Can you find the mistake? Why the multiplier is 255, instead of 247?

The picture above is a fine example of a common error when it comes to betting using Goliath strategy. In Goliath you do not bet on the single matches, hence you have to remove the first column. The whole idea behind the bet is to combine winning pairs, so singles are excluded.

Goliath betting strategy is suitable for more experienced players, as the high number of bets can lead to complicating calculation and lack of transparency about the final pay-off. The return greatly varies on the outcome of the games, for example a double or treble will pay much less than an 8-fold combination. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to research the games thoroughly, so you can avoid unnecessary risks and disappointments.

I will give you an example of a simplified Goliath bet strategy, lets take 10 cents per bet on 8 games linked in a Goliath strategy, that will cost you $24.7. My chosen betting selections are as follows:

Roma to win against Lazio
Barcelona to win against Valencia
Liverpool to win against Leicester
Juventus to win against Torino
Celtic to win against Glasgow Rangers
Ajax to win against Twente
Lyon to win against Dijon
Bayern Munich to win against RB Leipzig
The success of the Goliath Bet depends on the research of the teams, stats and odds. To maximize profitability, please choose wisely your bookmaker.

If only Roma and Barcelona win their games, then the return will be 2-fold, if Celtic and Ajax also win their games it will be 4-fold payout. If all games are won as predicted, then the return will be the maximum 8-fold. It is important to know, that although the return can vary greatly, it is still less risky than a straight accumulator which will not pay anything even if 7 outcomes are predicted correctly.

How to make successful Goliath bets?

Goliath bet is an expensive strategy, keep in mind that your bet will be multiplied by 247 so a $2 bet will cost you $494 and so on. You will need to undertake extensive research on all games and teams involved and to choose the right games to maximize profit opportunities. The strategy is so widely used by bettors because it serves as an insurance in case some of the games turn out not as expected, and profit at lower levels can still be made.

Definition of Goliath Bet:

A combined betting accumulator strategy spreading the risk across eight events, to hedge exposure against unexpected outcomes and secure a profit. You can maximize the value of your bet by choosing bookmakers offering high odds and quality cash-out options.

If you have any remaining questions on the Goliath betting strategy or if you need any assistance executing it, feel free to drop us a line, we will reply you within 24 hours!

Happy betting!

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